Wednesday, January 15, 2020

In an effort to reach more organizations across the great commonwealth of Pennsylvania and ensure access to quality, relevant marketing, and audience building training, we have redesigned the Arts Marketing Initiative to include broader access, supported by digital engagements, to create a wider network of arts marketing practitioners, and collaborative opportunities.


Twitter Wants To Make Conversations Easier to Follow and More Engaging

Thursday, January 9, 2020

There are at least 500 mllion tweets sent each day. That is quite a lot of Twitter conversations! Learn how Twitter is testing a new ability to make conversations easier to follow and more engaging.

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Ingrid Lunden, Sarah Perez

The 10 (plus two!) most read ARTSblog posts of 2019

Posted by Ms. Ann Marie Watson, Jan 06, 2020

As we ring in 2020, it’s the perfect time for a little hindsight (get it?)—so let’s get the year started with a look back at the most-viewed ARTSblog posts from our last trip around the sun. I know what you’re thinking: “It’s 2020 … you still have a blog?” We do, dear reader! Competition for online attention is fierce, and most virtual conversations (civil or not) seem to be happening in the comments of social media posts—and yet, ARTSblog clearly is still a valued place for our field to share experience and expertise as we navigate the varied complexities of what it means to work in the arts. There is no better place to learn from your peers, whether you’re an artist, administrator, educator, city planner, arts marketer, or countless other careers that intersect with the arts—and we’re grateful for all of the writers and readers who continue to make ARTSblog both a vibrant and practical space.

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NAMPC Newbie Takeaways

Posted by Mr. Ceylon Narvelle Mitchell, Dec 11, 2019

The 2019 National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Miami, FL was my first arts administration conference and I had a wonderful time! As an individual artist cultivating diverse audiences as well as an entrepreneur serving clients across the arts ecosystem, #NAMPC was the most ideal professional development for both my artistic and administrative growth. 

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The Power of Conflict: Why You Should Welcome Tough Conversations

Posted by Ms. Katryn Geane, Oct 18, 2019

Earlier this year, we gathered marketing leaders from top cultural institutions in New York City to talk about conflict. It comes as no surprise that on the way to delivering on the mission, there can be disagreements, clashes, and maybe all-out battles. We set out to create a brave space to have this conversation and brought in an expert to show us the way.

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Make Your Emails Accessible for Everyone

Posted by Mr. Kirk Bentley, Oct 18, 2019

As arts marketers, we’re always working to deliver the best experiences. Creating the perfect message and reaching out to interested followers at just the right time is our mission. But you could be missing out on connecting with a large segment of your fans by not optimizing your emails for accessibility.

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Share the responsibility—won’t you be my ally?

Posted by Ms. Beth Prevor, Oct 18, 2019

As a hearing person in the Deaf world, I can’t begin to understand and represent that experience, but what I can do is advocate, assist, help, and be an ally. In the world of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, as a disabled person, I can understand and represent that experience as well as be an ally.

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Looking to the Future, Wherever You Are

Posted by Meghan K Randolph, Oct 17, 2019

Many of us in the arts administration world have experienced ticket sales panic when it comes to new or unusual works. How do we get people to take a chance on something they’ve never heard of, when we’re literally scientifically conditioned to resist change?

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Telling the Bigger Story: Arts Communications Beyond Your Constituents

Posted by Amanda Faraone, Oct 17, 2019

So often, as marketers and communicators, we are focused on the immediate future of our organization and can’t get the perspective we need to see the bigger story that we are not telling, the one that informs every aspect of the arts ecosystem: how the broader public views the arts.

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