Americans for the Arts' ArtsU Live Regional Workshop program can create a variety of customizable trainings and workshops to assist you. These sessions come in a variety of formats and are flexible enough to meet your needs. Training and workshops can be targeted to arts, government, business, education, or combined community groups at the local, state, and national level. Programs use research, case studies, expert speakers, and interactive facilitation to attract attention and energize participation. We can offer experiences in a number of functional and topical areas to expand and enhance your ability to serve your community, offer your staff and arts and culture workforce access to targeted professional development and learn best practices. You can use the in-person experience to augment a suite of digital modules for an extended learning session.

Some areas where we can assist you:


Whether it's Advocacy or advocacy, Americans for the Arts has a variety of methods to increase your organization's ability to inform and guide policy and lead advocacy efforts in and for your arts and culture community.

  • Advocacy
  • Arts Policy
  • Arts and Economic Impact

Arts and Business Partnership

Want to help your local arts community build its capacity to partner with the businesses? pARTnership Movement workshops train your local arts community how to work with and communicate to businesses about how partnering with the arts can provide a competitive edge. Whether your audience is artists, arts administrators, local business leaders, or a combination of all three, our in-person pARTnership Movement workshop program, Americans for the Arts staff will travel to you and your community to help you get started.

  • The pARTnership Movement
  • Arts and Business Partnerships

Arts Education

Arts Education workshops serve as essential field education for the on-the-ground professional development of arts education administrators and stakeholders to become effective leaders and advocates at the local, state, and federal levels. With content focused on the arts education ecosystem, arts education leadership, as well as policy and advocacy, facilitators bring their expertise to increase participants’ skills as effective leaders and advocates for policy change to ultimately increase equitable access to arts education for America’s learners. 

  • Arts Education Policy
  • Arts Education Program Administration and Management
  • Creative Youth Development
  • Equity and Inclusivity in Arts Education

Arts Marketing

National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) workshops are results-driven, individualized marketing trainings brought right to your community. Think of NAMP marketing workshops as the opportunity to work with us in designing a comprehensive training program crafted to fit the needs of your organization. Whether you’re undertaking a rebranding effort, need a social media deep dive, or seeking audience engagement tactics, NAMP workshops are for you. Some examples of workshops include:

  • Audience and Community Engagement
  • Branding
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing for Individual Artists
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Revenue Generation
  • Social Media

Capacity Building

Americans for the Arts recognizes the challenges and the importance of capacity building for arts organizations. By making capacity building a priority, you strengthen your organization’s ability to fully realize its mission and vision. Book an Americans for the Arts training in capacity building to learn how to increase your impact and plan for the future of your organization.

  • Arts-Based Community Development
  • Field Trends
  • Financial Management
  • Fundraising
  • Overview of Local Arts Agencies
  • Program Evaluation and Communicating Impact
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Supporting Individual Artists

Leadership Development

When considering the sustainability of your organization, developing leadership is key. By engaging your staff and board in professional development, you increase the retention and effectiveness of your staff. With an Americans for the Arts workshop in leadership development, participants will learn successful strategies for developing leaders at your organization.

  • Being an Effective Coach and Supervisor
  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Building a Diverse Board
  • Cultural Equity
  • Design Thinking for Arts Leaders
  • Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Emerging and Mid-Career Leaders
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Effectiveness
  • Mentorship

Public Art and Civic Design

Public art in civic design is about incorporating art and artists into the built environment which can have a range of positive impacts on the places where we live, work and play from community connection to economic development and more. Implementing public art in civic design projects requires a range of skills and knowledge to do well. In these workshops, attendees will learn best practices in the development of public artworks for their local communities.

  • Best Practices for Incorporating Public Art into Private Development Projects
  • How to Apply for Public Art Commissions – For Artists
  • How to Plan for Public Art in Your Community
  • Implementing Public Art in Your Creative Placemaking Project
  • Utilizing Arts & Culture to Address Local Transportation Challenges (with Transportation For America, a program of Smart Growth America)
  • Utilizing Public Art in K-12 Education

Social Impact

The arts make more possible, from better education to greater health outcomes to a more civically-engaged citizenry—but people don’t always see the connection to the arts when change happens. From education and job security to housing, public safety, the military, and more, the arts intersect with Americans’ day-to-day lives in meaningful ways. Join Americans for the Arts as we look at the social impact of the arts. Presentations are customizable based on the social impact issues impacting your community the most.

  • Aesthetics Perspectives
  • Arts and Civic Engagement
  • Arts and Healing
  • Arts and Military
  • Arts and Social Change
  • Arts and Social Impact


In-person training can be a vital component of community development and skill building. It can give an experience to a larger group of people resulting in shared knowledge.

Our pricing structure is simple and designed to meet broad budget needs. A full-day workshop typically costs $5,000. This includes staff support and preparation of curriculum, as well as promotion of your event. We also have half-day workshops, keynote speakers, and 1-2 hour workshop presenters available at a lower rate. Americans for the Arts’ Member receive a 10% discount off of their first workshop. Because we are committed to serving all communities, including those with limited resources, let us know if you require additional assistance or reduced fee consideration. We will do what we can to assist!

Don't see a workshop topic or category you need? No problem! Let us know by submitting a request for more information!