Mayor Satish Hiremath (I - Oro Valley, AZ)

Local Arts Leadership

Mayor Satish Hiremath made one of the most significant and important impacts on the development of a community through philanthropy, leadership and thousands of hours of personal time and commitment directly to the Town of Oro Valley, Arizona. Mayor Hiremath is genuinely committed to the future of the residents and the creative economic growth and vitality for the community he calls home. Now in his second term as Mayor, his leadership and advocacy for the arts have built a community that is rooted in the cultural diversity of its citizens and the arts. 

In 1997, he played a central role in the establishment and growth of the Greater Oro Valley Arts Council. In 2007, when the organization was confronted with near dissolution due to massive budget cuts and internal dissention, his leadership was responsible for the establishment of the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA), an organization that has now become the largest regional arts and cultural organizations in the state of Arizona, providing over 200,000 unique opportunities for individuals to engage in the arts each year through culturally diverse programs, festivals and events annually.  With funds generated through grassroots community support from thousands of individual donors, special event revenues, grants and collaborative business partnerships, SAACA provides diverse engagement opportunities for artists, organizations, businesses and individuals in the community.  

Thanks to his leadership, Mayor Hiremath has inspired and educated countless other volunteers and has brought his leadership skills to his volunteer and community work. His ability to motivate and organize others has had a lasting effect on his community and the surrounding region.


Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath receives the 2017 Americans for the Arts and The United States Conference of Mayors National Award for Local Arts Leadership for cities with a population fewer than 100,000.